UltraRestorers Pledge

UltraRestorers Pledge

This UltraRestorers Pledge is the action item for:

As a [CHOOSE: successful entrepreneur / experienced technologist / active philanthropist], I today pledge to be a part of the first wave of  “UltraRestorers.” Our group is UltraWealth for Climate Health (UWCH).

We will apply our knowhow to humanity’s most urgent and complex challenge. We are taking steps to make restoring our climate the most compelling startup ever. For a hopeful future, we aim higher than existing climate goals. We all fully support switching from fossil fuels to renewables as soon as possible to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. Going beyond that, we will launch startups to speed the adoption of new safe and scalable climate solutions that will actually reverse global warming.

We will build on everything we’ve learned and accomplished in startups and other life experiences. Now we commit our time and resources to:

  • Educate ourselves and others on how to restore a safe and healthy climate by 2050.
  • Work with Bay Area partners, investors and incubators to identify promising projects and companies.
  • Recruit from our networks of colleagues and contacts to build startup teams and get them investment-ready.
  • Advise and mentor one or more startups.
  • Each commit at least $1 million to near-term funding through existing investment and donation channels).
  • Share stories about the biggest startup opportunities ever (if we choose to be publicly identified).

We are working with initiators, [second more visible NAME AND ID] and Felix Kramer, Strategic Advisor to the Healthy Climate Alliance and the Foundation for Climate Restoration, to bring in more members to UWCH and to create organizational structures.

We are setting goals, timelines, and metrics to track our progress and impact and to inspire others to join in. We cannot wait to share our results as we help create hope, jobs, and prosperity, as we start to shift global climate systems to healthy directions.



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