Are you an entrepreneur or advocate wishing for more hours in the day to work on climate awareness and solutions?

Become a Climate Projects Sponsor!

**Please note: this opportunity as it launches is open only to those who are based in the San Francisco Bay Area.**

Whether you have your own climate projects, or want to join ones you know about, we’ll pair you with a young Climate Projects Manager (CPM), who wants to devote their career to what they care about most: a climate-stable, ecologically resilient, and socially just future. As a Climate Projects Sponsor, you’ll help them work to achieve that vision, while they help you extend your effectiveness. (And you’ll be happy to see them continue volunteering as a young adult climate activist).

By sponsoring and working with a CPM , you’ll be taking a big personal step. In your first project together, you can proclaim your new priorities to everyone in your networks and communities. You can invite them to join you in 2020 by in some way ending “business as usual” in their own lives and acting on climate. You can decide which organizations you want to collaborate with; explore your own ideas for projects; and consider climate restoration activities described at ClimateChangesEverything

In August 2019, the first CPM started working part-time with Sponsor Felix Kramer (CCE founder and East Bay entrepreneur/ advocate). She’s written articles and reached out to over 1,200 people he’s met, as an introduction to Climate Restoration and invitation to collaborate. She then started working part-time with a second Sponsor, joining the team of a Silicon Valley environmental entrepreneur, writing articles, leading social media, and producing events. In early 2020, she became a salaried full-time employee with both Sponsors!

You can meaningfully grow your impact by collaborating with a Climate Projects Manager, who brings fresh perspectives, skills, and strategies to your projects, and connects you to the inspiring energy and drive of youth climate advocates. You’ll feel satisfied you’re living your values through your work together.

We’ll work with you to write a job spec, and then match you up with the right CPM. In the Bay Area, we have two levels for Sponsors; for 10-20 hours/week, can you scrape up $25/hour? Or can you easily afford $50/hr (or more)? We’ll pair CPMs who need full-time work with one Sponsor at the $25/hr level and another at the $50+/hr level so they can earn at least $750/week.

We’re also planning other models. We want to enable any organization or group (affiliated as family, friends, colleagues, community, workplace, school, congregation, workplace) to sponsor a CPM. These orgs or group members will be able to get help (time permitting) on small tasks or projects, and keep up with the CPM’s paid and volunteer activities. 

Interested in becoming a Climate Projects Sponsor? Let’s chat!

We’re also looking immediately for a Sponsor to lead these efforts as the ClimateSparking Project Director, which involves managing the team and working with partners to expand the project.