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By Felix Kramer

This posting is the third installment of a series on the what, why, and how of Climate Restoration and my involvement in projects to advance it. Here are Part 1 and Part 2. And here’s a link to the “meter-free” page at Medium where you can comment. offers stories, resources, and connections to help you get your hopes up about our future, spotlights solutions and activities around restoring our climate to pre-industrial quality levels, and presents personal stories of how people came to make reversing global warming and restoring our climate their goals. We hope you’ll want to add your stories and help advance these projects or spread the word.

Active projects (alphabetically)

  • ClimateHope Media Project: Our sponsored strategic advocacy project to create “THE Inspiration Resource for Ambitious Climate Goals” is running at Grist. We already have four stories. Now we need one or two volunteers to build, promote, and moderate a Patreon community to encourage conversations and crowdfunding. 
  • Climate Restoration Emergency Action Bipartisan Presidential Candidates Report Card, Partnering with Build A Movement 2020 (BAM2020), is ranking presidential candidates on their commitment to saving humanity. Dr. Paul Zeitz, founder of BAM 2020, is a force of nature; see his bio at the launch news advisory.
  • Personal Climate Associate: Anna Michel just started as our first PCA, half-time with Felix Kramer and we hope soon with a second Climate Restoration Mentor — another busy entrepreneur/activist who wants to become more effective. We’re looking to recruit more PCAs, especially young people of color. Starting in the Bay Area, we plan to reach out to groups like the Sunrise Movement’s Bay Area hub for candidates. 
  • SF Bay Area Climate Restoration Initiatives Directory: In September 2018 we launched this list of Bay Area projects, organizations, companies, and supporting institutions working to reverse global warming and restore our climate. It’s now hosted by the SF Bay Area Climate Restoration Circle.
  • UltraWealth for Climate Health: We’re beginning to network with successful climate-aware entrepreneurs and ultra high net-wealth individuals who may be open to a new challenge. Speeding up recognition and adoption of safe, scalable solutions to reverse global warming and restore a healthy climate can be their most compelling startup ever. And we hope some of them will be intrigued by the chance to work with their own Personal Climate Associate!

Projects needing one or two people to develop and launch (alphabetically)

  • Briefing Presidential Advisors Can Add Hope to the Climate Debate: We plan to invite advisors to a unique Bay Area briefing about reversal and restoration projects so their candidates can start telling inspiring climate stories on the campaign trail. This nonpartisan event will be accompanied by local fundraisers organized by climate-focused supporters of each candidate, featuring their campaign climate policy advisor as a featured surrogate. 
  • Climate activists cohort at Living Room Conversations: Small groups could join each other in one or several sessions of Living Room Conversations. See our Google Doc proposal
  • ClimatePolitics wiki: For the 2016 election, a team-built a crowdsourced encyclopedia on what candidates and incumbents say and do about climate change as a proof of concept. Bill McKibben called it “a useful resource,” and we got compliments from Mike Brune and Bill Maher. Now we invite one or more partners to use our platform to refocus on 2020.
  • Drawdown wiki: We developed a wiki to explore and expand the world we can imagine from Drawdown’s solutions. We need a few people to develop and promote it. The prototype is at (unofficial) DRAWDOWN wiki

Projects that don’t yet have links also needing volunteers (alphabetically)

  • BecauseClimate: A portal that brings together all the projects and people working for Global Warming Reversal/ Climate Restoration. 
  • Carbontech networking: Connecting with people about Climate Restoration at the Airminers Carbon Removal Slack group, Climate Change + Tech and ClimateLink Meetups and other networking venues. 
  • Plug-in hybrid campaign archive: A leading institution will host an archive of the successful campaign to get automakers to build PHEVs. (Felix Kramer founded in 2002 and declared initial victory in 2009.) We’re looking for a volunteer or paid consultant to launch a crowdfunding campaign for the archive and conference, commemorating a decade since the Chevy Volt first arrived. 
  • SFBA Meets CR: We want to organize meetings and make connections among San Francisco Bay Area organizations, communities,advocates, and activists working on Climate Restoration. (Starting with the groups at Briefing Presidential Climate Advisors).

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