Jump Into ClimateSparks Projects

Regardless of your job and background, what if you could spend your time on projects solving climate change? What if, with the right connections and resources, your work Could help gain  a safe, healthy and prosperous world for you and generations to come? Interested in getting involved?

We think of climate projects as potential “Sparks”. We support a broad range of climate activities. We focus especially on “missing pieces:” projects to build awareness and reverse — not just slow) global warming and restore our climate. Of course, we support projects to replace fossil fuels with clean energy and adapt to a climate-changed world, And we develop strategies to support institutions and solutions that advance those goals.

We’re eager to collaborate on projects as well as ideas you propose.  We’ll list your promising ClimateSparks here. And you can work with others to bring them to life by applying to become a Climate Projects Manager/Sponsor/Mentor at ClimateSparking or emailing us. Here’s what we’re up to and what we have in the works!


Advance ClimateChangesEverything as a wellspring of ideas for reversing global warming and restoring our climate.


Develop new styles and channels to communicate about our climate emergency and promote hopeful and inspiring goals.


Spotlight diverse ways people can act to remediate, reverse, regenerate and restore impacted communities, ecosystems, and species. We will encourage more natural and technical solutions. 


Bring action on climate change and restoration to the center of political discussion among incumbents, candidates, and voters.


Invite people and groups to respond at a speed and scale that matches the crisis and opportunity of climate change — and change their own lives.


Focusing first on the San Francisco Bay Area. Once again the world looks to us for innovation. Growing communities here can take the lead to develop and deploy solutions that offer a preview of the healthy and safe future we all want.