• ClimateSparking
    Our new nonprofit startup employs young adult climate advocates to work on climate projects. We match them, as Project Managers, with Sponsors, who pay them, and with Mentors, who advise them. We’re launching in the SF Bay Area in collaboration with 350 Bay Area, Climate.Careers, and more. As we grow, we’re looking to involve more Project Managers, Sponsors, and Mentors. (See Pitching & Hiring.)
  • 350 Bay Area
    Our partner is bringing in more youth and young adults to the grassroots climate movement as volunteers, organizers, and members and leaders of programs or projects. After 350BA’s successful sponsorship of Youth Vs. Apocalypse (now an independent organization), the organization is continuing its focus on climate justice with a new Youth Climate Organizer position. ClimateSparking is working to recruit Climate Project Sponsors to support the position, and candidates to fill it.
  • Climate.Careers
    Our partner is helping talented jobseekers find high-impact jobs at nonprofits and cleantech companies working to address climate change. ClimateSparking will integrate with Climate.Careers’ scalable platform to recruit and match candidates with climate-solutions employers. We seek two Sponsors to support the full-time work of Climate.Careers co-founder Evan Hynes.
  • Climate Crowdfunding (concept)
    Help us advance projects like theClimateHope Media Project; Our Stolen Futures, an award-winning filmmaker’s documentary about Sunrise Movement’s SFBA Hub; and a conference/archive for the successful eight-year campaign for plug-in hybrid vehicles. We’re recruiting Sponsors and a Crowdfunding Director


  • The ClimateHope Media Project
    An information resource we’ve started to build, with Grist as our media partner, reporting on climate restoration, climate restorers, etc. Now we’re recruiting a team to launch Phase 2 and build a crowdfunding/crowdsourcing community at Patreon.
    A hub for designers and creative professionals from all industries, committed to using creative skills for climate action. We’re looking for Sponsors to support the already-in-place work of founders Marc O’Brien and Sarah Harrison, along with work by one or more Project Managers to help develop more impactful projects and media. View project details and open positions.
  • Climate Science Communication
    Young adult climate advocates can collaborate with leading U.S. climate scientists to expand the impact of their work. Projects can include articles, talks, presentations, and social media. Audiences will be mainly non-technical, including policymakers, influencers, news media, civic organizations, and educational institutions.
    A program involving 50 scientists would cost approximately $5 million per year. One or more foundations could fund a three-year project. The project will pair ClimateSparking Project Managers with the scientists as project Mentors, and could be coordinated through partnership(s) with groups like the Union of Concerned Scientists, ClimateNexus and Climate Corps.
  • Climate Wikimedians

    Wikipedia editors are needed for climate articles, especially on reversing global warming, carbon dioxide removal, and restoring our climate. Wikipedia requires that all editors be volunteers; we’ll connect you with people who’ll train you.

  • The Climate Show (concept)
    A monthly variety show that explores living in a world with climate and ecological emergencies and reaches the mainstream audience through thought-provoking entertainment. For more, see our Google Doc.
  • ClimateSongs (concept)
    Every successful movement has its own songs. While the environmental and climate movements have had some modestly successful songs, none have had the power of We Shall Overcome, Imagine, and many others. A group of Bay Area music fans can brainstorm strategies including sing-alongs, festivals, sponsored contests, and awards.
  • Hey, Catch Today’s ClimateMinute (concept)
    What if every morning, you got that invitation? You, the climate advocate, activist, educator, scientist, entrepreneur, or the civic, corporate, or political leader. You and millions of others could click on and pass along a free, eye-opening quick video climate message: moving, funny, inspiring, alarming, ridiculous, thought-provoking, urgent, galvanizing. We seek a strong evangelist for this idea we thought up some time ago. Learn more…
  • BecauseClimate (concept)
    How about a portal that builds on the meme Because Internet, bringing together all the projects and people working for climate restoration? (CCE owns the URL.)
  • Recommended Info-resources on Climate Restoration (concept)
    Annotated list of books, articles, videos. With co-curators. A moderated Google Doc to come.  


  • California-Distributed Energy for Resilience, Independence and Justice (concept)
    Advance California climate innovation by demonstrating and deploying fully integrated solar homes with microgrids and connected electric vehicles in low-income communities at the Wildlife-Urban Interface. See our
    Google Doc for more.
  • Plug-in Hybrid Campaign Archive (concept)
    A leading Bay Area institution has committed to hosting an archive of the successful campaign to get automakers to build PHEVs. (Felix Kramer, ClimateChangesEverything founder, started in 2002 and declared initial victory in 2009.) We’re looking for a Sponsor and Project Manager to launch a crowdfunding campaign for the archive and to plan a conference, commemorating a decade since the Chevy Volt first arrived.
  • Drawdown wiki (concept)
    An independent, crowdsourced encyclopedia (or a “wiki) to explore and expand the world we can imagine from Drawdown’s solutions. We developed a prototype, and need volunteers to continue crowdsourcing information that accelerates research, development, and deployment of climate solutions, and to moderate and promote the wiki as it grows.


  • Climate Restoration Report Card for US Presidential Candidates
    In partnership with Build A Movement 2020, we’ve ranked leading candidates on their climate goals. By scoring them on more advanced criteria than other rating systems, we started influencing campaigns to respond more ambitiously to the scope, scale, and timing of our climate emergency. We’re now seeking partners to continue this process in the context of our strategy to Make 2020 a Climate Election.
  • ClimatePolitics wiki
    For the 2016 elections, our working team assembled info on what candidates and incumbents say and do about climate change as a proof of concept. Bill McKibben called it “a useful resource,” and we got compliments from Mike Brune and Bill Maher. Now we seek partners to refocus our platform on 2020 to crowdsource information at all levels of government.


  • Ultrawealth for Climate Health (concept)
    Networking with successful climate-aware entrepreneurs and ultra-high net-wealth individuals up for a new challenge. Restoring a safe and healthy climate can be their most compelling startup ever, and we hope some of them will be intrigued to work with a Climate Project Manager. We have a deck, a pitch, a shorter intro pitch, and an UltraRestorers Pledge.
  • Bring Back the Band (concept)
    In-person or online gatherings of people from past social and environmental movements, who put their lives on the line when they were young: Anti-Vietnam war and anti-draft organizers, ACT Up activists, and others. In their conversations about then & now, they’re joined by youth and young adult climate activists. They strategize about how to boost the latest efforts today’s activists are leading so Over Ten Million Americans Can Make 2020 a Climate Election — And Win! 
  • Climate Activists’ Cohort at Living Room Conversations (concept)
    Small groups joining each other in a comfortable, safe space (in-person or online) to talk climate. The acclaimed “Living Room Conversations” model has helped connect people despite differences, allowing for common ground and shared understanding. See our Google Doc proposal.


  • SF Bay Area Climate Restoration Initiatives Directory
    We built this listing of Bay Area projects getting global attention for innovation to restore our climate. They explore what’s possible, what works, and even what’s profitable. Now it’s hosted by the Bay Area Climate Restoration Circle, which aims to expand it.
  • Get Connected with Key Resources & People
    The Airminers Carbon Removal Slack Group, with over 450 members, is an unparalleled community for carbon tech networking & jobs. Its Slack channel (formerly at Carbon 180 and Manylabs) includes events, funding opportunities, and job postings. You can apply to join. And come to ClimateLink San Francisco Meetups — the group has over 2,300 members! 
  • SF Bay Area Meets Carbon Removal and Climate Restoration (concept)
    We want to organize meetings and make connections among Bay Area organizations, communities, advocates, and activists working on Climate Restoration. That includes the regional chapters of groups like 350 Bay Area, the Sierra Club, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Climate Reality, and others, including those we proposed for a Presidential Briefing project.


  • Bay Area ClimateElection Event Calendar (concept)
    A crowdsourced public resource, in collaboration with many organizations, to advertise events where incumbents and candidates for public office (at the federal, state, or local level) will be speaking or appearing. It can list town halls and forums, as well as fundraising events open to the public, or private events where climate activists advocates and media may gather outside. The goal is to elevate our Climate Emergency as a central issue in every electoral campaign.
  • ClimateOutings (concept)
    People actively celebrating the outdoors (e.g. hiking) while sharing thoughts and experiences about preserving, regenerating, and restoring ecosystems, species, and our climate. We seek a volunteer to lead this effort, perhaps in partnership with the Sierra Club’s SF Bay Chapter Meetup, 350 Bay Area’s Parties for the Planet, and others.