Climate Restoration Wants You!

Are you imaginative, enthusiastic, and entrepreneurial?
Ready to roll up your sleeves to restore a healthy climate?

**Please note: this position currently requires your presence in the San Francisco Bay Area.**

Join the Greatest Startup Opportunity Ever: Restoring Our Climate is looking for energetic colleagues to help spread the hopeful news that we already have the tools to solve climate change — and to work with us to advance projects and companies to draw down carbon, rebuild Arctic ice, and restore a safe and healthy climate. Climate Restoration is gaining attention, and it’s in the Climate Emergency Resolution introduced by Bernie Sanders and AOC.

If you’re a few years into your career and looking to get paid to do what you care about most, this can be your entry point into the most exciting startup opportunity ever. We strongly encourage people of color, women, members of the LGBT community, and others less often seen in the startup world to apply. If you’re active in groups like the Sunrise Movement, that will attract our attention.

Our first PCA has begun working half-time (20 hours) with Felix Kramer, an East Bay climate entrepreneur/advocate/communicator and founder of and She has recently added a second half-time engagement with another Climate Restoration Mentor (CRM) in Silicon Valley. 

As a Personal Climate Associate, you’ll use your talents in writing, planning, networking, and managing people and projects. You’ll work with startups and organizations — with the CRMs as your mentors — to shape ideas as they evolve from concepts to teams to prototypes to deployment. You’ll also manage and expand online presences and reach out to networks to build awareness of climate restoration, inviting them to join us. You’ll work remotely on your own schedule, with virtual and physical meetings around the Bay Area.

To apply, catch up on reversing global warming at Project Drawdown, removing CO2 at the SF Bay Area Climate Restoration Initiatives Directory, and restoring our climate at ClimateChangesEverything and the Foundation for Climate Restoration, including their recent Global Climate Restoration Forum and White Paper. Then draft up your reactions to the goal of restoring our climate and tell us why we should hire you. Send it with “PCA” and a pithy pitch in the subject line to [email protected]. Include links to your LinkedIn, work, and writing (no attachments, please). Describe your experience with social media platforms, WordPress, Slack, MailChimp, and similar tools, as well as how you heard about us and your compensation expectations. The pay rate is $25-$40/hour, depending upon experience.