Partners & Collaborators

Elevator pitch: ClimateSparking is a new not-for-profit startup. We enable young adult climate advocates, now volunteering, to work full-time on climate solutions. ClimateSparking matches them, as Project Managers, with Sponsors, who pay them, and with Mentors, who advise them.  We’re soft-launching in the San Francisco Bay Area in collaboration with 350Bay Area, Airminers, the Anthropocene Institute, ClimateChangesEverything, Climate.Careers, ClimateLink, The Climate Mobilization, the Climate Restoration Circle, The Determined, the Foundation for Climate Restoration, the Presidio Graduate School and other partners in the wings.
See Invitations to Sponsor, Mentor Partner (Google Doc)


Combats climate change globally and in the Bay Area with six local chapters


Offers the international index of companies and projects mining carbon from the air

Fostering science, technology, policy development, and an educated global citizenry to address our planet’s needs

Tells the stories of people making climate restoration their ambitious goal (and hosting and launching ClimateSparking)

Helps talented jobseekers find high-impact jobs at organizations working to solve climate change


Helping the world to deploy one trillion dollars per year to fight climate change

Is initiating a WWII-scale mobilization to reverse global warming and the mass extinction of species

Aims to transform the San Francisco Bay Area to a climate-restoring region by 2030


Makes climate-focused projects look good, sound awesome, be seen, and get the support they need

Is restoring a safe and healthy climate like we had 100 years ago

Is the only values-driven Graduate School offering MBA & MPA degree programs that integrate social justice, environmental responsibility and systems thinking