Are you an experienced advocate or entrepreneur? Do you have broad connections with people and groups working on climate awareness and solutions?
Become a Climate Projects Mentor!

**Please note: unlike Climate Projects and Managers, who for now need to be based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we welcome participation from Mentors remotely. And see Invitations to Sponsor, Mentor Partner (Google Doc)**

You don’t have to become a financial supporter to work productively with both Climate Project Managers and Sponsors. You can be a Mentor and advisor, sharing your expertise and experience with both. And you can draw on your network of people to suggest and help develop new projects.

Young people don’t want older generations telling them what to do or how to do it, but as Greta said before the September 2019 Climate Strike, youth need adults to “step up alongside us… To change everything, we need everyone.” 

Climate Project Mentors can connect Project Managers and Sponsors with existing projects and organizations and advise them on “missing pieces” in awareness and solutions.

You can be especially helpful to Sponsors who don’t have projects of their own to advance. After they reach out to their networks and communities to invite them to act in response to our climate emergency, you can work with them to choose new projects.

We’ll soon be organizing a group of Founding Mentors for the ClimateSparking  project. 

Interested in becoming a Mentor? Let’s chat!