Pitching + Hiring

Our Elevator Pitch

ClimateSparking is a new not-for-profit startup. We enable young adult climate advocates, now volunteering, to get paid to work on climate projects. ClimateSparking matches them, as Project Managers, with Sponsors, who pay them, and with Mentors, who advise them. We’re soft-launching in the San Francisco Bay Area in collaboration with 350Bay Area, Airminers, ClimateChangesEverything, Climate.Careers, Climate Coalition, ClimateLink, The Climate Mobilization, the Climate Restoration Circle, The Determined, the Foundation for Climate Restoration, Presidio University, and other partners in the wings.

Our Priority Hires

1: 350 Bay Area Youth Climate Organizer (half-time to start; Project Manager & 1 Sponsor needed)

350 Bay Area is partnering with ClimateSparking to recruit Candidates and one Sponsor for a new position: Youth Climate Organizer. After 350BA’s successful sponsorship of Youth vs. Apocalypse (now an independent organization), they’re continuing to focus on climate justice by establishing this new half-time position, to help  bring more youth and young adults into the organization as volunteers, organizers, members and leaders of programs or projects.

2: Climate.Careers Founder (Project Manager in place; 2 Sponsors needed)

We’re looking for two Sponsors to support the ongoing full-time work of Climate.Careers Founder Evan Hynes (which includes the partnership with ClimateSparking). Climate.Careers is helping talented jobseekers find high-impact jobs at nonprofits and cleantech companies working to address climate change. ClimateSparking will integrate with Climate.Careers’ scalable platform to recruit and match candidates with climate-solutions employers. Find Evan’s profile as one of our first Manager Candidates.

3 & 4: ClimateChangesEverything (2 half-time Project Managers, 2 Sponsors needed)

ClimateSparking Recruiter: We’re looking for a Project Manager to work half-time enlisting more Partners, Sponsors and Mentors who will all support and collaborate with each other and with Climate Project Managers. We’re interested in candidates  who have experience starting or growing things, and involving and motivating people. And we seek a Sponsor to support that work.

ClimateChangesEverything Projects Promoter. We’re looking for a Project Manager to work half-time to advance projects listed at CCE, especially through crowdfunding campaigns and crowdsourcing participation. We seek a self-starter  with a track record launching fundraising campaigns at Patreon, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, etc. This team member can help advance Projects from Sponsors, Mentors, Partners, and Managers, and from those already listed at Projects, including: 

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