Climate Sparking

Elevator pitch: ClimateSparking is a new not-for-profit startup. We enable young adult climate advocates, now volunteering, to get paid to work on climate solutions. ClimateSparking matches them, as Project Managers, with Sponsors, who pay them, and with Mentors, who advise them.  We’re soft-launching in the San Francisco Bay Area in close collaboration with 350Bay Area and Climate.Careers, and partnering with Airminers, the Anthropocene Institute, ClimateChangesEverything, the Climate Mobilization, the Climate Restoration Circle, The Determined, the Foundation for Climate Restoration, Presidio Graduate School, and other partners in the wings.

“ClimateSparking is brilliant! It empowers youth to move from interest to engagement to action on the critical issue of our time.”
— Professor Dan Kammen, UC Berkeley Energy & Resources Group

 “This is an exciting project, which pairs the talent and passion of young climate warriors with the resources and wisdom of their adult allies. It could be an explosive combination!”
— Margaret Klein-Salamon, Founder, The Climate Mobilization