Are you an entrepreneur, advocate, or activist who wants to create new ways of existing, even flourishing, within — and beyond — our climate crisis?

A Personal Climate Associate can help!

**Please note: this opportunity currently requires your presence in the San Francisco Bay Area.**

A Personal Climate Associate (PCA) is a young person, a few years out of college and/or into their career, who wants to devote their time to what they care about most: solving climate change. As a Climate Restoration Mentor (CRM), you can help them do that, while they help you extend your reach.

Imagine collaborating with someone decades younger than you, who brings fresh perspectives, skills, and strategies to your projects. You can feel energized and satisfied that you’re using your talents and resources most effectively. We’ll work with you to write a job spec, and then match you up with the right PCA candidates— recruited from diverse SFBA youth climate activists at Sunrise Movement and similar groups.

We have two levels for CRMs. For 20 hours/week, can you scrape up $25/hour? Or can you easily afford $50/hr? We’ll pair up one in each category so a PCA can earn $750/week. (All the better if the two CRMs know each other and have needs that can be met by one PCA).

The first PCA has begun working half-time (20 hours) with Felix Kramer, an East Bay climate entrepreneur/advocate/communicator and founder of and She will soon spend her other 20 hours with another Bay Area CRM, advancing projects and companies to draw down carbon, rebuild Arctic ice, and restore a healthy climate.

Interested in becoming a Climate Restoration Mentor? Let’s chat!