Climate Changes Everything offers resources to give you confidence in our future. We tell stories of people making climate restoration their ambitious goal, and propose projects to further that goal.

We’re now launching Active Allies and recruiting mentors, sponsors, and donors to support young people’s essential work: to defend, repair, and regenerate their communities and our world.


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Active Allies Roles

Become a Sponsor, Mentor, or Advisor

You can help empower young activists to work on climate and public health projects, sharing your wealth, expertise, and networks, while learning from their fresh perspectives, skills, and strategies.

Become an Active Allies Team Member

You can join our core team as a volunteer and help with recruiting sponsors, donors, and partners, and advancing the Course-Correct Corps and other projects.

Become a Project Manager

There’s no power on earth greater than a young advocate working full time. What if you could not just volunteer evenings and weekends, but actually devote your working hours to advancing solutions for public health and climate justice?

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